Classic Wooden Furniture by
TradUR – Glenn Furniture

Glenn Manufactures Classic Wooden Furniture and custom handmade designer furniture from real wood – Teak, Mahogany, Beech and Pine woods. Glenn only produces high end quality wood furniture, but not expensive. Glenn’s goal is to make it so anyone can buy a masterpiece artistic custom original design at an affordable price. Glenn clients have found that their unique creations are more than a piece of furniture. Each piece is hand crafted by an artist for their client’s lifestyle and home decor.

Classic Wooden Furniture

The classic wooden furniture Glenn builds is hand carved to any style you like from Italian, American, French, Tuscany, Old World, Exotic, Rustic, Modern and many more styles. Glenn builds reproductions of famous furniture designs with museum quality to detail. By request Glenn signature pieces can be produced as exclusive one of kind designs. Glenn furniture is an investment value of stylish art furniture perfect for the most luxurious homes decor.

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Classic Wooden Furniture


7302 E. 38th street, Tulsa OK 74145